How any health conscious person can have better digestion and more energy in as little as the time it takes to boil water.
 by Dave "Kombucha" Lindenbaum
This is our one of a kind, world famous, that's right, people in Kazakhstan are like, "This stuff is amazing." I'm not why Kazakhstan people speak with horrible Italian but they do, in this video. 

The Story Behind How Kombucha Tea Blend Was Created

This is our Kombucha tea blend and this came out of frustration and selfishness. I'm always talking about how our products were created. We create our own products, we manufacture them, and we love them, and we use them ourselves. 

When I first started making Kombucha tea almost a decade ago, I soon discovered, because those that don't know, watch my about video or get to know me video, before starting GetKombucha I worked an incredible tea company for a few years. 

I really honed my craft on tea, not Kombucha but tea itself, which is amazing because that played into Kombucha. For those that don't know, I am a big proponent that the biggest cost of making Kombucha is your time. That's really it. Actually it doesn't take a lot of time to make Kombucha, but it's your time, because you save so much money on making it yourself than buying at the store, it's ridiculous to skimp on the best quality ingredients to make it. 

Better Ingredients Make Better Kombucha

Just like I'm a big proponent of buying high quality organic vegetables at the farmers market even if it costs twenty cents more than the vegetables at the supermarket that's not organic. It's still half as much, four times as much less than going out to a restaurant and buying non-organic vegetables there. Hopefully that makes sense. 

When I first started making Kombucha I knew that from a health benefit point of view, it's good to have a full spectrum Camellia sinensis tea leaves and Camellia sinensis is just a fancy word for tea. When we talk about black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, we're talking about Camellia sinensis, the actual tea plant. Very similar to wine. We talk about wine we're talking about grapes but we have different varieties of grapes. We have green grapes, we have red grapes, we have the skin on the grapes. All this happens in the process once the grape is grown. Obviously we have different varieties and techniques to get the types of grapes we have, but they're all from grapes. 

Tea Is Very Similar

When we talk about things like peppermint and lemongrass, those are more herbal, we call them herbal teas, but they're not really tea in the way we think of Camellia sinensis. Okay, cool, so now that we got that down. There are different benefits from a black Camellia sinensis to a green Camellia sinensis tea from the benefit point of view. 

Green tea tends to have a higher antioxidants. Black tea tends to have higher flavonoids that help reduce blood pressure and help with the heart. That I already knew. What I did not know until experimenting and learning and researching, but the most things is by making my own Kombucha tea is that they also benefits have a full spectrum of tea leaves for Kombucha tea itself in terms of growing Kombucha tea, fermenting and making Kombucha tea. Black tea tends to feed the yeast a little bit better, and green tea tends to feed the bacteria. That's a very simple way to go about it. Just know that there's benefits from both, both from a benefit and also from the benefit of making Kombucha. 

Finally There's A Taste Benefit

I personally, as well as thousands of thousands of people who've used our tea blend have seen the taste itself is incredible, by combining the blacks and green teas. Last but not least, the qualities. Certainly having the black teas and green teas mixed, that's one thing, but the quality should be there as well. Our tea blend is certified organic through QAI International. It's certified kosher through MK Parve, I believe it's out in Canada. We love this thing. 

I digress though, the reason why this was created because I was selfish and for my own use was that, so when I first started making Kombucha tea, after I'd learned all this and knew all this, I would, every time I would make a batch, I would get my three select green teas and my two select black teas and I'd blend it, and I'd mix it and I'd measure it out for the perfect ratios of black and these greens and blend it all up. This took me ten, fifteen minutes every time to do it right. Well finally I was like, you know what? Why don't I just make a huge batch of it and then everything I want to do it, I just go ahead and scoop it and I'm good to go. 

How I "Benefited" From Being Lazy

That idea of laziness if you will, not laziness but thinking ahead of time, investing in myself proved to be successful, and we started up our own Kombucha tea blend. There are tons of different tea on the market and I encourage you to use and play with your different tea blends. However this should be your foundation. This should be your go-to. If you want to experiment with all these different herbs and blends and use our boosters, that's great. This should always be your foundation in making it. We always recommend starting off with our Kombucha tea blend. It's featured in all of our Kombucha kits and brewing systems. 

Last but not least, the quality is just awesome. We have people that enjoy our tea blends so much that they give it to friends that don't even make Kombucha and they just use it to prepare a nice iced tea during the summer time or a hot time without Kombucha, just the tea leaves themselves. They absolutely love it. 

A Kombucha Recipe Right On The Label

The label comes with the directions on how to make Kombucha right on it, just for quick reference. As well as the package, it comes in a resealable kraft, stand up pouch. I'm a fanatic about this, so this was a big pet peeve of mine. Our packer use to pack them in non-recloseable, and something that's so simple. 

Yeah it costs a little extra for the bag but it's so ... I hate it when I got and buy something and I open it up and then I either can't find the rubber band to roll it up, or I try to do one of these techniques and rest it against something. Then when I pull it, it comes undone and I have tea leaves everywhere, so you don't have to worry about that. 

You're Always Going To Have It When You Need It Most

I'm sharing these stories because we really do use what we create and sell and we're always trying to constantly improve it. Our tea, also you should know, that you could stock up and save by purchasing more. However, if you purchase a pound or two pounds or three pounds, they still come packaged in a quarter pound bag to ensure freshness. This way you can stock up and as long as you don't open it, they'll last a two year shelf life. You'll always have Kombucha tea on hand that's fresh and ready for you. 

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